It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Today started out as one of the best riding days I have ever had. St. Lucie county is really making an effort to be bike friendly. This really surprised me as Florida is not known for this. In town there were well marked bike lanes, but the big surprise was after crossing I-95 going west to Okeechobee. Here was a beautiful wide bike path that lasted 20 miles to the county line.

The weather was perfect in the 70’s with overcast skies and zero wind. The path ran next to a drainage canal through farm land. I saw four  alligators  and a flock of wild turkeys. I tried to get pictures but the overcast caused problems.

At the Okeechobee county line the trail ended and the rain started. I rode a couple of miles until I spoted a gas station and pulled in under the shelter. Turned out to be ok they had good subs and cold drinks. After an hour the rain stopped and I started off again. After another mile the rain started again. So I had 25 perfect miles and 12 miles in the rain. I learned a valuable lesson, put on the rain gear before you get wet. Better safe than sorry.



This is is a bicycle overpass. It goes from the main path across the the highway to a path that goes to the fairgrounds. I had to ride to the top.


Here is the top


A picture of the path and highway


Waiting out the rain.