Today was the final day. I was going to stop in Jacksonville but when I got there the weather was good and being only three hours from home I decided to go on. The day was a long one, 430 miles with the last 100 in the rain.
In the summer in Florida you always have to make a choice about rain, get wet or put on the rain suite and get wet from sweat. I chose the rain today.
The trip was an amazing experience, I saw so many things that I never thought I would and met a lot of good people. Doing the trip on a motorcycle made it a lot better, being in the open made the experience more intense and memorable.
I’ll do some math and write a follow up with mileage and other information.
Thanks everybody for following along as I lived a dream.

If you have ever driven I-95 you know there isn't much to see.

If you have ever driven I-95 you know there isn’t much to see.

#48, I love these big signs.

#48, I love these big signs.

And back to #1. It's good to be home!

And back to #1. It’s good to be home!

Home again, home again...

Home again, home again…