1 thought on “About”

  1. Hello Bill, My name is Zack, But my friends call Me Armadillo Zack…! Ok…! To the point, I am disabled and planing to make the trip from Fort Pierce, Florida to the Keys.. I realize that my trip will be shallow in comparison to your run, but any pointers will be great…! I loved the information, pic’s, and the written account of your trip, and find them very useful for my planned trip, But any thing else you can provide, I would be truly grateful…! As I said earlier I am disabled and have a hard time walking great distances and other problems as well, so if there where any handicap info that you may have seen along the way as well would also be great… I got turn on to your page by trike asylum, in case you were wondering..
    Thank you for your time…. Armadillo Zack

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